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Hello FSI readers! Enjoy reading this sex story titled Memories of the past during teen by a voyeur young guy. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended.
‘I didn’t see the belly button” I kept saying as Pollamma kept glaring at me. I knew I had done something wrong. She looked menacing with the sickle in her hand. I could feel the pecker shrink and shrivel as I looked down. “these little brats” she muttered to herself as she moved towards my sis who was on a slide. I went home with a sense of guilt. I knew I had seen the forbidden and may be the god would punish me. I was silent for the rest of the day and was glad to be off to bed.

The next day I was weary of the Pollamma bath. I was worried she may chop my chilly off after she lathered the soap on my face. I kept praying as she peeled the foreskin and cleaned the pecker. I hated the smell of sweat and cheap powder when Pollamma held me close to her to wipe me dry. She was extra rough today I thought as she rubbed me hard with the Turkish towel. The skin had gone red in some spots. She sent me out of the bathroom with a vigorous push and I went tumbling into my room. My sis was laughing seeing my perplexed face.

The school bus was crowded. There was no seat, I had to wait a little while before one of the senior girls offered her lap. This one was new, I had not seen her before. She was silent even as the girl next to her kept chattering endlessly about the terrible maths teacher. I wondered if she would have bush between her legs that was very dark and felt guilty again with the sinful thoughts. The bus jerked violently as it went in to a pothole. I was thrown up and I landed back with my butt hitting her clenched fist in her lap and I let out a small yelp. Her fist remained under my buttock and between my thighs. She did not seem to have noticed. In the next bump she pinched me in the thighs as the bus lurched, I let out a small cry again. She didn’t seem to notice or care. I kept listening to the ogre stories of the teachers in the senior classes as the girl in the next seat kept chatting incessantly and I was trying to control myself from screaming as the girl kept pinching me with each bump and lurch of the bus. Somewhere along the line I felt that she was taking out her anger on me, for what I was not sure. She threw me out of her lap as the bus reached the school.

When I reached back home I was still skeptical of Pollamma, but she seemed to have forgotten about my sin. We were on with our studies. Pollamma said that the professor was in a bad mood that day. I knew what was to follow. He was walking around like an agitated animal and cursing out loud.

“Those bloody cunts; they know nothing about algorithms and they want to advise me, let them go fuck themselves”.
Pollamma bundled us out of the house and we were off for a walk. As we were out of the house Doc was back. “what governess” she asked pollamma. “Professor is speaking” Pollamma said. Doc had put a ban on professor from speaking at home. When she was angry doc called him the professor. She had said he was a bad influence on the children
“ you can’t use four letter words and cuss words in front of the children, you have to behave like a responsible father” the doc would say.

It was a regular feature after the quarterly conference at the lab. Professor was not happy with the “nitwits” as he called them.

“The buggers don’t know their elbow from their arse” he ranted.
“Doc just say they don’t know their E from their A, at least learn to abuse intelligently” the Doc advised the professor.
“Those bloody cunts; they are a bunch of lousy cunts” the professor went on ranting.
“Ok professor I will cool you down” the doc said. I noticed that she had pulled her saree down from the waist her belly button was well exposed. Professor looked at her with gaping mouth.

“Govenrness take the children for a walk to the park” Doc said “ quickly” she added. Before I realized we were out in the garden. The land lady below was walking about in their lawn. The land lord was a shady man. “He is ex CID”
Pollamma had said. The odd occasions that I saw him he was wearing dark glasses. I thought it must be a job requirement of CIDs to wear dark glasses. Their children were abroad. They had a fierce dog called “tiger”. He was fierce only in looks and seemed more interested in being cuddled by the people around him than being ferocious. But to the first timers his bark was enough to put the fear of god in to them. We went to the small park that was in one corner of the campus. The land lord had made it for his grand children three years back when they visited from the US. They had not been to India since then. The park had one merry go round, one slide and a swing. My sis was happy with the merry go round and the slide. I was on the swing most of the time.

It was about half an hour before the doc opened the window and called out “governess”. We went and Pollamma opened the door. I could never figure out as to why we locked them out when we came out. They could have latched the doors from inside. “Why lock them, are they scared” I asked pollamma once. “They don’t want to be disturbed, big secrets” Pollamma said. I wondered if she was talking about the pecker in the bush that I had seen. The next day the “governess’ was on leave and Yellamma was in charge. She was Pollammas daughter and almost the same age as the doc. I had heard Pollamma tell the Doc that Yellamma had been abandoned by her husband,“Rowdy Panka”. Pollamma was unhappy with “Rowdy Panka”, he had another wife at Ankapalli, and he did not care much for Yellamma any more. Once in a while when he visited the town he visited Yellamma.

“The rowdy poked her for two days in six months, beat her black and blue and the bastard has vanished. He will come again may be after six months” Yellamma would say.
“I told that that stupid girl to let go of that bastard” Pollamma would say referring to Yellamma.
“Her daughter is in the tenth standard, the bastard doesn’t pay a paisa, Yellamma only has to work in three houses to make ends meet. So long as that bastard is around no one is going to marry Yellamma” Pollamma would keep ranting once in a while.

“We are safe in that colony because of Panka, nobody dare come anywhere near us, he will chop them to pieces, he has killed Rowdy Ranganna seven years back and was in the jail for two years” I heard Yellamma tell the doc one day. Yellamma was fair skinned and had a glow about her even though her eyes were sad. She rarely talked. She would come home and start with the kitchen and then the house and the washing and the cleaning and she left later in the day. She moved around like a ghost. I could never make out how she could move about without making any sound. Her breath also did not seem to exist. Her lips were red from chewing paan, but they were not allowed to use pan at home. She wore dark and somber clothes as if it hide herself and say “don’t look at me, don’t trouble me”. But I could not help looking at her, she was beautiful and melancholic. She came to our room and went in to the bath room to mix the water “ bath time” she yelled out. I was not sure about stripping in front of Yellamma. She did not seem to think so, she came and pulled out my tee shirt above my head and even before I could hold on she had pulled down my shorts with one yank and pushed me in to the bathroom. She was rough, though not as rough as Pollamma. She poured water over my head and even before I could catch my breath, she was applying soap and lathering it. The pattern was similar and she put soap on face and asked me to close my eyes before she went to the groin area. I was embarrassed as my pecker went on a hop as she peeled of the foreskin and started cleaning it. She spent a few seconds lingering over it and I heard her mutter “this will be a big banana soon”. Things happened in a jiffy as she poured water over my head and in a few seconds she was holding me close to her and rubbing me vigorously to dry me of the water. She pushed me out of the bathroom wrapped in the big towel again.

I stayed away from the pinching girl in the bus and looked around and found a place with the physics teacher sitting in the front row. The girls never sat with the teachers. Today one of the teachers was apparently on leave. She was the ogress physics teacher; I did not know her name. She wore a different saree everyday and never repeated a saree in the year. She was wearing a yellow coloured saree with flower prints. I sat next to her and I was happy to be sitting on a seat than in some girls lap and get pinched. She was wearing her saree low and I could see her belly button. I did not know that I was being stupid as I kept staring at her belly button. It was round and it protruded out of the belly like a small button. I could see a faint trace of dirt in the folds and watched mesmerized as the belly button rose and fell with each breath. I smelled a light fragrance of the perfume mixed with faint sweat, it was exhilarating. It happened all of a sudden and I cried out loud as my ears were tweaked by her with considerable force. “ look straight” she whispered fiercely in my ears and there was a loud burst of giggle in the bus. I sat there like a zombie for the rest of the journey.

I reached home at three pm and Yellamma was there in the house. She was wearing a clean white saree for a change. It was the first time I was seeing her in the house at noon. She seemed to parrot what Pollamma used to say “ listen to the gavaness, or the madam will be angry”. She smelled like Doc and I knew she had pinched Doc’c talcum powder and splashed on herself lavishly. In between I saw her smelling her underarms and smiling to herself. Pollamma never pinched anything. As we settled down to study Yellamma was walking around the room and kept adjusting her saree and lowering it till the belly button was visible. She stood in front of the mirror and adjusted the saree till such time the belly button was clearly visible. As she came close I could see that she had pierced her belly button and there was a thin gold ring around it. After some time she came ad stood close to my chair and her belly button was near my face. I could smell the doc’s talcum powder, as I looked I could see streaks of white powder in the folds of the belly button. Her belly button was flush with the stomach and the thin golden ring moved with her breath. I knew that she was trying to imitate the doc.

It was six in the evening that the doc came back. In five minutes time the professor was also home. I and my sis were still clinging on to the professor who had just finished his biriyani dinner when Yellamma came with tea and her belly button was visible from a distance as she approached. I noticed Doc frowning at Yellamma and she took the tray from her and came towards the professor. As she walked with the tray she sucked in her tummy in and the saree lowered itself, and her belly button was visible. Professor was gaping at her belly button with his mouth open. “Yellamma take the children to the park to play fast and lock the door” Doc shouted as she half pulled and half dragged the professor away from the chair to their room. I saw the big bulge in the professor’s trouser as the doc pulled him away. Soon the music started playing in the bedroom and the door rammed shut. Yellamma pottered around and asked me and my sis to change. She took her time and didn’t seem to be in a hurry. As I came out and waited outside I could hear the rustle of clothes being thrown in the bedroom even in the background of loud music. There was a loud giggle followed by “oh wait, not so fast professor” and followed by a few grunts. The smacking sound of flesh banging on flesh with a grunt accompanying was heard in the back ground music with the creaking sound of the bed. I imagined the pecker going into the bush and smacking the pink lips as we stepped out of the house and felt guilty again.

“the belly button works, the belly button works” I heard Yellamma mutter under her breath as we went to the park.
“Does Panka Like the belly button” I asked yellamma.
“Oh he does, he is such an animal” Yellamma said with a smile. I wondered what she liked so much about him being an animal and how could animals like belly button.

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